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TALON5 5KW Wind Generator System with VPT Technology Grid-Tied. - LIQUIDATION

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TALON5 5KW Complete Wind Turbine System for Ranch, Farm and Home – Liquidation Sale!

Our popular Talon Wind Generator systems are on a liquidation sale! Our Talon wind generators will make a great addition to any home and can do anything from reduce your electric bill to completely powering your home. These wind generators are on liquidation because we have too many in stock and are looking to move them as quick as we can! While we do offer complete wind generator sets, we also will sell you individual parts to make your own system. Each of the components that we offer in the complete system are the following. A generator, Blades, A hub, and the E-Box (rectifier). A tower is available for each of these products, however it must be purchased separately

Each of the components are made of the highest quality materials and have all been through strict quality assurance checks in order to ensure that you can expect a long and hassle-free service life from your Talon wind generator. The generator uses premium quality Neodymium rare earth magnets in order to produce power at maximum efficiency and each of the blades are all made of fiberglass and are all matched and balanced in order to reduce noise, increase efficiency, and reduce vibrations. The blades also have a high quality UV coating that will prevent the blades from being damaged by the sun along with lengthening their service life.

Our Talon line of wind generators are a safe and reliable way to generate energy, and have a downwind design that offers distinct advantages over traditional upwind generators. Upwind generators need to have stiff blades in order to prevent the blades from striking the tower during windy conditions, however downwind blades can flex in response to sudden gusts of wind which can take strain off of the generator and reduce the risk of blades hitting the tower. 

  • Generator: 5KW powerful PMA wind turbine with variable pitch
  • Blades: 3 pieces of fiber glass high efficient UV coated blades
  • E-Load box: rectifier with dummy load with 240 VDC output ready to connect to inverter

Because of the size and the cost of the product, we allow people to come in to pick up this item in order to save money on shipping, however if you choose to have this product shipped, please note that this product’s prices are all FOB and will be shipped from Garland, TX. In order to ensure the smoothest transaction possible and because of the nature of the products, we also require that all payments must be made before these products can be shipped.

We trust our products, and have a 3 month warranty on all of the electrical generator components and if you ever have any questions that you would like to ask us, please call us!


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