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Novoa Men's Quad-Element Polished Titanium Magnetic Bracelet With Gold Accents - 12,800 Gauss TBRM-029

8.00 Ounces
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Blending elegance with strength, this stylish and lightweight bracelet will make a perfect gift for that special person in your life. Each link has a polished finish and is framed with gold accents. It measures 8.5 inches long and is approximately 1/2" wide. Made of Titanium, a hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant metal, you get all the strength and durability of steel at only half the weight.

This bracelet uses four of the most commonly found therapeutic stones that each work together in harmony in order to help reduce neuropathy pain, fatigue & muscle tension, improve circulation, restore balance and wellbeing to the wearer, and help improve energy and balance. This effect is achieved through the use of each of the 4 following different materials embedded in the links. 

Neodymium magnet: Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets commercially available, and because of the highly concentrated magnetism their therapeutic benefits are unmatched. Each magnet has 12,800 internal gauss and a surface gauss of 3,000 and increase blood flow and help relieve pain due to arthritis and chronic joint pain. 

Anion - White stone: Anions are present in nature and when are concentrated are said to increase serotonin production which can help relieve stress and boost energy.

Far Infrared - Red stone: Far infrared stones emit far infrared rays which very slightly raises the surface temperature of your body which boosts your body's natural healing functions and can help alleviate dull chronic pain.

Germanium - Black stone: Germanium also emits far infrared rays which means it carries all of the benefits that the far infrared stone has, however it also is notable for its ability to remove harmful positive ions from your body. Once a germanium stone is heated to 32 degrees celsius it releases negative ions which attract positive ions from your body. 


Symptoms when this bracelet can be used:

  • Tennis Elbow. Use this as a regular bracelet.
  • Knee pain caused by overweight, knee overuse and arthritis. Use two of this and combined into a long one so to fit to your ankle.

Included with the bracelet is a premium velvet box to store your bracelet when not in use, and makes a fantastic gift for the special person you love. In order to achieve the the perfect size, a link removal tool is included so you can easily adjust the length of your bracelet to provide a better fit. 

We also offer a no-hassle return policy if you are in any way unsatisfied with the product. As with all magnetic jewelry, keep this away from pacemakers and other devices sensitive to magnetic fields.


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