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Name Badge Magnets

Magnets have found a variety of uses, big and small, across industry and daily life. Earth magnets such as neodymium have even found popularity in the business and event realms as an effective alternative to name badge attachment. Many companies require their employees to meet a high standard of dress and do not want to risk damaging fine clothing with pins on name tags. The easy application of name badge magnets solves this problem.

Earth Magnet Name Tag Attachments

Small and medium sized neodymium magnets come in a two-piece set and offer the appropriate pull strength to hold through a variety of fabric thicknesses. A variety of badge magnets are available, from standalone discs to magnetic sets attached to a stainless steel strip. Simply affix the adhesive magnet to the back of the name tags and place the corresponding attracting magnet on the inside of the clothing for effective magnetic name tags!

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