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FAQ answers about shipping times, store policies and basic technical questions.

Q: How many days does it take to ship my order?

A: Orders placed before 10AM can expected to be shipped out 2 business days later, however sometimes orders can take up to 4 business days to fulfill and ship. UPS Next Day or 2nd Day orders will be shipped out on the same day, provided the order is placed before 2:00PM Central Time on normal business days. If you place a rush order after 2:00PM Central Time and expect us to ship out on the same day,  please call 972-516-0692 X 551 to get confirmation from our shipping department.


Q: How can I get the tracking number for my order?

A: If you choose UPS and provide your email address, you will receive an email from us which provides the quantum notification from UPS when your order is shipped. If you don't have email, or you choose to use USPS, you can also call or use our on-line live support chat system to get the tracking number.


Q: Can I return my order? How can I get the RMA (return merchandise authorization) to return my order?

A: Yes! You can return the merchandise within 14 days after you receive the shipment. After 14 days but before 30 days, a 15% restocking charge applies. We will not take any returns after the order is delived 30 days and thereafter.

It is strongly recommended to use UPS or Fedex as the shipping method and claim enough insurance on the returned items. CMS will not be responsible for any damages or loss of the items when they are being shipped back.

To get the full refund on the merchandise, the returned items have to be in the original condition with the original package. It's very important to pack them the way as you receive them since the magnets may attract to any steel items. But the shipping and handling cost is not refundable.

Please click for the Instructions on how to get a RMA. It's our policy that without a RMA, your return will not be accepted.

Q: Can I purchase without register on-line?

A: Sure! You can order anonymously. You can also email your shopping cart to us or simply call our sales team to place your order. But there are some benefits to registering with us. For example, to get the tracking info, get coupons via email, and receive RMA for your returns.


Q: Your free gifts are wonderful, but how can I get them?

A: It's very easy! Just add the free gift(s) to your shopping cart and, if qualified, the cost will automatically be deducted from your total. Please remember to add the gift(s) to your shopping cart otherwise our shipping department will not ship them.


Q: What is Neodymium Magnet or NdFeB Magnet? Is it same with Rare Earth Magnet?

A: "Neodymium magnets" and "NdFeB magnets" are both used to name the neodymium iron boron magnets. And this kind magnet also belongs to the rare earth magnet category. Even though most people refer to rare earth magnets as just neodymium magnets, the rare earth magnet category also includes Samarium Cobalt magnets (SmCo). To know more about the various magnets, please refer to our knowledge base or BLOG.


Q: Can Neodymium Magnets Harm Electronics?

A: Yes.  Neodymium magnets can interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.  It can mess up the CRT mornitor or TV, turn on/off cell phones. Also please keep neodymium magnets away from media such as credit cards, floppy disks, video tapes, or anything else with a magnetic strip. Those people who wear pace makers or other medical electronic devices should be more cautious when appoaching this strong magnet.


Q: Is Temperature a Concern with Neodymium Magnets?

A: Yes.  Neodymium magnets are sensitive to heat.  There are two temperatures which are critical to the neodymium magnets, i.e. the operating temperature and the curie temperature. For example, the maximum normal operating temperature is 175 F (80 C) for standard N-series grades.  If the magnets are heated above this temperature, they will permanently lose a fraction of their magnetic strength.  If the N-series are heated above their Curie temperature of 590 F (310 C), they will permanently lose all of their magnetic strength. However, the magnets can be charged again to regain the strength if the magnetic field is weakened in any way.


Q: What the Highest Neodymium Operating Temperatures and Curie Temperatures?

A: Different series of neodymium magnets have different temperature ratings. The most common series is N series which are to be used under 80 degree celsius. 90% of our neodymium magnets are N series. If you need high temperature magnets, you need to tell the operating temperature to our sale rep so we can ship you the right ones. We also stock some high temperature neodymium magnets, whose working temperatures are listed in their descriptions. Please refer to the following table for the various series and their temperatures.


Temperatures for Different Neodymium Magnet Series
Working Temperature
Curie Temperature
N Series
M Series
H Series
SH Series
UH Series
EH Series


Q: What does the “N” Rating Mean?

A: The “N” rating, or grade, refers to the Maximum Product Energy of the material the magnet was made from.  It is an indication of the magnetic strength of the magnet.  The higher the grade, the stronger the magnet’s pulling force.


Q: Will Magnets Lose Strength Over Time?

A: Very little.  If they are not overheated, Neodymium magnets lose about 1% of their strength over 10 years.


Q: Are There any Health Concerns to be Aware of?

A: Neodymium magnets should never be handled by anyone with a pacemaker or similar device.  They should also be kept away from small children.  If swallowed, a Neodymium magnet can be lethal.


Q: What Type of Coating do Your Neodymium Magnets Have?

A: The most common neodymium magnets from CMS have a triple layer of nickel-copper-nickel coating, which is the best plating available.  Nickel is the most common choice for plating neodymium magnets due to its shiny silver finish and corrosion resistance. However the plating will not make the magnet mechanical stronger. We also carry golden and expoxy plated magnets. The epoxy coated magnets are nomally in black color and easy to be glued with.


Q: Is the Neodymium Magnet also Fragile?

A: Yes, like other kinds of hard magnets, neodymium magnets are also fragile even though the coated magnets may look like metal. The neodymium magnet contains Boron as one of the major elements which makes it be fragile. The coating will not improve the physical characteristics of the neodymium magnet instead it only prevents it to from rusting.


Q: Can I Drill a Hole or Machine the Neodymium Magnets?

A: Yes, if unmagnetized, you can easily to machine the magnets with the right tools, like diamond drill bit or EAD machine. But if the magnets are already magnetized, you need to keep the magnet cool during the machining process. Also since the magnets are fragile, the machine process should be slowly done.


Q: How do I Handle Large Neodymium Magnets?

A: Always wear a pair of gloves.  When you are going to separate one magnet from the other magnet(s), put the magnets on a durable non-metal surface of a stable table with the magnet to be separated hanging off the edge of the table.  Use one hand to firmly hold the other magnets on the table.  Use the other hand to hold the magnet you are separating firmly.  Push it down and away from the other magnets until you no longer feel any magnetic attraction.

Note that whenever we ship magnets with strong strength, we always include a safety guideline in handling the products in the package.  Please read the instruction first.  Please contact us, if you have any questions in that regards.