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Ceramic Magnet C8 6X4X1 Hard Ferrite Magnet Slab

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This C8 ceramic magnet is majorly used in magnetic separations such as magnetic pullies, but it is also used by physical thrapist to make magnetic beds. You can also just use one piece of this magnet to magnetize water or food. Some of our customers use it as pain killer by place it against their bodies. It is claimed that by placing it under your pillow, it may also improve your sleep quality. 

This magnet is in the dimensions of 6X4X1" and made of high quality magnetic materials under ISO 9001 quality systems. All the magnets are not made the same and the feedbacks from our customs show our brand is stronger than the others' which are provided at a cheaper price.

  • Gauss Rating: 3,850 gauss
  • Pulling Force: 41 lbs.
  • Polarity: Magnetized through 1", i.e. the N and S poles are on the 6X4" surfaces
  • Applications: Industrial separation, retrieval tools, magnetic therapy, water processing or personal projects

Magnets have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and was claimed being helpful to cure insomnia. CMS Magnetics has been providing magnets to chiropractors for years and got lots of testimonials for the effectiveness of the magnetic therapy. But the effectiveness of the magnetic therapy varies depending on the patients and the symptoms. Magnetic therapy cannot replace medicines or medical treatments suggested by your doctors.

Therapy magnets are also called biomagnets or uni-pole magnets. Uni-pole magnets mean the magnets have only one pair of north and south poles. It is believed that multi-pole magnets cannot be used for therapy purposes. 


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