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  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated
  • Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated

9 lb Holding Power Neodymium Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated 2PCs MHNR-010

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This strong hook magnet is made of a neodymium magnet at its base, coated with a thick and durable black rubber. It is powerful and has 9 lbs holding power when pulled directly and placed on steel. Hanging strength is less. This magnet has innumerable uses as a holding magnet but is also great for an assortment of both industrial and personal applications and can be used in an almost unlimited amount of ways.

These super strong neodymium magnetic hooks are versatile products that can be placed almost anywhere and hold up almost anything with ease. Unlike weaker magnets that slip and slide everywhere, these magnets are more than powerful enough to hold things still. If attached to a smooth, clean metal surface, these magnets can even be used in permanent applications with plenty of holding power to spare. If being attached to delicate surfaces that are easily scratched, a thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, or rubber can be placed in-between the magnet and the surface for added protection.

  • Super Strong Magnetic Hooks: Using strong neodymium magnets, one of the highest grades available, these hooks are capable of holding up to 9 lbs
  • Premium Finish: Coated with thick rubber, this durable hook magnet will not rust or be affected by weather when its coat is intact.
  • Can Be Used Almost Anywhere: Because of its powerful neodymium magnet, this hook can hold up more weight than other hook magnets because of its high-quality materials.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: This product is built using only the highest quality materials which ensures a long service life.

Hook magnets can be used in a large variety of applications. Some examples include key holders and cable management, such as outdoor lights. Magnetic products are damage-free solutions for any project and can be easily reused an unlimited amount of times.


There are 5 review(s) for 9 lb Holding Power Neodymium Magnetic Hook Rubber Coated 2PCs MHNR-010

  • Used them on our cruise

    by Ken – 4th Jul 2016

    I bought these magnets to use in our cabin of a cruise ship to hang up wet bathing suits to dry and after we washed some clothing. Since the walls and ceilings are metal it held without any problems!! Great product for this use!!

  • White, not black and awkward hook

    by ekandre – 19th Mar 2013

    The pros: The holding power is great; the rubber coating protects the metal to which they are attached.
    The cons: The magnets delivered to me were white, not black as pictured. The hook is also a bit awkward to slip the wide loop on my oven mitts and hot-pot-holders over--it curves back on itself a bit more than I would like, but it's workable.

  • strong!

    by Brandi S. – 12th Dec 2012

    These little magnets are super strong, and the best part is the coating the protects your surfaces. I absolutely love them!

  • works great

    by John C – 29th Aug 2012

    This item is so useful because of its holding power and size. Fits almost anywhere and the coating is very durable. Perfect for hanging house keys on fridge so they don't get lost. Will buy more.

  • Easy Display set up!

    by Barb Weiderman – 27th Jul 2012

    I have a small business and set up displays at car shows and craft shows so I'm always looking for things to make that job easier! These magnetic hooks are just the ticket can't wait to try them!