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600W 48V Wind Turbine /w 900 W Peak Power 5 Blades

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PowerMax+600HS is a 600W wind charger for 48V battery bank. It includes generator, a set of 5 blades and a charge controller with dump load. This exact Same System was sold by others for 900 W at a much higher rice!

Wherever you are, this is a powerful and inexpensive solution to solving your alternative energy and wind generation requirements. The PowerMax+HS series wind generator systems are designed to thrive 111.2 mph wind speed, but with a cut-in wind speed of only 9.0 mph. It produces power even in light winds. This system will withstand the heaviest winds from the far reaches of the earth, at the same time, provides you with plenty of power at the low wind situations. Wind power wherever you are!


  • High Reliability: Superior design and quality assurance in the production -- hundreds of satisfied customers
  • High Availability: Constantly produces power from 9.0mph up to more than 95 mph
  • Performance: Highly efficient aerodynamic blades and system design guarantee superior performance.

System Features:

  • Hybrid system: The charge controller can incorporate 600W wind and 250W solar power together to simultaneously charge the same bank of batteries •
  • More reliable load control system, the large dump load for effective speed control. The separated design ensures total isolation of the circuit board from the heat generated by dump load, which increases the reliability of the system. Built in short-circuit protection
  • Advanced design and optimized charging curve to maximize the life expectancy of your batteries
  • Load control: The controller has over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, and automatic dump-load function. These are highly efficient systems that will reliably produce maintenance free energy for over 15 years

Items Included:

  • WIND TURBINE GENERATOR with tail. THis efficient generator is built using high-performance rare earth neodymium permanent magnets, so the alternator is compact and light weight. The generator housing is precision-cast aluminum built to withstand severe climates, sand and salt corrosion. Light and durable, the way you want your maintenance-free system.
  • 5 MOLDED LIGHT WEIGHT BLADES FULLY BALANCED - these blades are aerodynamically optimized and injection molded with the latest thermoplastic technology. They are whisper quiet and vibration-free. The HUB and nose cone are included.
  • SOLAR/WIND HYBRID CHARGE CONTROLLER - This controller performs the 3 roles: AC-to-DC conversion, battery charge controls and load controls for both the wind and/or solar power.
  • BOLT-ON COLLAR or FLANGE- The bolt-on collar allows your generator to be easily attached to a 2 1/4”" pole without any welding. The model with flange needs some welding work to have the flange welded to the pole.

Applications: Homes, gas meters, telecom equipment, cabins, boats

Warranty: This system is covered by 3 year factory warranty. 


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