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  • Magnetic Fuel Saver
  • Magnetic Fuel Saver
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2 Sets of Magnetic Fuel Saver Made of Super Powerful Neodymium Magnets

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This set of magnetic fuel treatment system improves your gas mileage, as seen on TV ads. They are very easy to apply. Two pieces of neodymium bar magnets are encased inside two plastic holders respectively with N-S poles facing each other which attract two pieces together. Use the strap to bind the two pieces tightly to the fuel line. Choose the spot which is about 2 inches from the engine to apply this unit. Similar products are being sold for $69.99 EACH from on-line automotive supply centers. *Improves gas mileage up to 24%—you can save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel costs! *You'll see increased horsepower output, a better and faster ignition and reduced carbon monoxide emission. *Works on all engines and fuels—uses strong magnets for diesels, high-performance, larger and commercial enginesEasy to install—maintenance free! *Place over the incoming fuel line (gas or diesel) in your car, truck, boat or motorcycle and start maximizing your engine's performance. *Breaks up fuel molecule clusters into smaller, more combustible fragments. *Will dramatically reduce engine maintenance costs by eliminating carbon and varnish deposits, the main source of engine wear. *This is the most effective fuel-enhancing device available. *Does not affect vehicle manufacturer's warranty. It can also be used for water treatment purpose. It can be used from 1/4”; up to 1/2”; pipe. Each package contains two sets of magnets and straps


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