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  • Ferrofluid Set, 2 oz Bottle + Magnets
  • Ferrofluid Set, 2 oz Bottle + Magnets
  • Ferrofluid
  • Ferrofluid
  • Ferrofluid Set + Magnets
  • Ferrofluid Set+ Magnets
  • Ferrofluid Set + Magnets

2 oz Ferrofluid + Magnets for Fun! Kids' Science Project Kit

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This listing is an educational set which shows the magnetic field via the magnetic liquid - ferrofluid. This set includes 2 ounces of ferrofluid, a petri dish and some magnets. A pair of gloves and a plastic dropper is also included in the set for your convenience. The following is the list of the items included,

  • One petri dish, in the dimensions of 100mm x 15mm or 50mm x 9.5mm
  • 2 ounce bottle of ferrofluid
  • Two disc ceramic magnets, Dia 1.5" x 0.25"
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • A plastic dropper

This item is great for teaching kids about magnetism and has a lot of fun!

What is Ferrofluid? In short, it is a liquid that responds to magnets and magnetic fields. The longer answer is ferrofluid is an extremely fine powder, coated with a soap-like material called a surfactant, suspended in a mineral oil liquid base. The resulting magnetic suspension is called a ferrofluid. When no magnetic field is present, ferrofluid behaves and flows like a normal liquid. However, when a magnet or magnetic field is introduced, the ferrofluid is attracted to the field. Spikes then form along the magnetic field lines when the magnetic surface force exceeds the stabilizing effects of fluid weight and surface tension.

Please take care when handling ferrofluid. Besides being fun to play with, it also is capable of staining everything it comes into contact with. Please make sure to take care when using it.

Ferrofluid should never be used for applications involving loudspeakers. Ferrofluid can be hazardous or even fatal if swallowed or if it enters airways. Ferrofluid can cause skin irritation or serious eye irritation.

The material safety data sheet can be found at the following address: https://ferrofluid.ferrotec.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/efhsds.pdf


There are 1 review(s) for 2 oz Ferrofluid + Magnets for Fun! Kids' Science Project Kit

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    by Your Name – 12th Jan 2013

    The ferrofluid reacts as it is supposed to, however it should be warned that the solution leaves a black film wherever it has been (i.e. if you lead it up the sides, or on the top of the petri dish there will remain a black spot in that area). Also, the connection between the ferrofluid and the magnets is stronger than the seal of the dishes, which can lead to a mess. Thankfully, the ferrofluid can be washed off of skin with soap and water, but I would advise not getting it on your clothes. Altogether, a pretty fun and intriguing product, though I would recommend a different container.