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18 LB Holding Power Ceramic Magnetic Hook Single color (6-Pack)

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These high quality ceramic magnetic hooks are made of a round ceramic disk magnet encased in a mild steel cup and coated in a smooth white powder coating. The gaps around the circle between the cups and the magnets are filled with epoxy. This is an ideal item for handing your keys on or as a temporary holding hook.

  • Super Strong Magnetic Hooks: Using grade 8 ceramic magnets, one of the highest available grades, these hooks are capable of lifting up to 18 lbs.
  • Premium Finish: Coated in a smooth white or black powder coating that not only looks good, it also protects it from the environment making it perfect for use outdoors.
  • Can Be Used Almost Anywhere: Because of its powerful ceramic magnet, this hook can hold up more weight than other hook magnets because of its high-quality materials.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: This product is built using only the highest quality materials which ensure a long service life. it also has a removable M4 threaded hook that can be replaced with an attachment of your choosing.

These super strong magnet hooks are versatile products that can be placed almost anywhere and hold up almost anything with ease. Unlike weaker magnets that slip and slide everywhere, these magnets are more than powerful enough to hold things still. If attached to a smooth, clean metal surface, these magnets can even be used in permanent applications with plenty of holding power to spare. If being attached to delicate surfaces that are easily scratched, then a thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, or rubber can be placed in-between the magnet and the surface.


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