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112 LB Holding Power Neodymium Cup Magnet 1.57" Magnetic Round Base MCHN-40

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This round base neodymium magnet has 112 lb holding power. 

This neodymium round base magnet is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased in a chrome plated steel cup. The neodymium magnet is bonded inside of the cup with adhesives. This design forms a magnetic circuit which triples the holding force to 112 lbs! At the same time, the steel cup also protects the magnet from being damaged when it's frequently used. The counter sunk hole on the magnet is provided for easy applications.

The holding power of 112 lbs is when the cup directly contacts with steel. The outer diameter of the magnet is 1.57" (40mm). The mounting hole in the center is 0.216" (5.5mm) which allows a #10 screw pass through. The total thickness of the assembly is 0.32" (8mm).

The applications of this cup magnet include magnetic holdings, lifting, antenna Mounting, positioning, retrieving and much more.

The round base magnet is also known as magnetic cup holders.



Other Details

Holding Power:
112 LB


There are 4 review(s) for 112 LB Holding Power Neodymium Cup Magnet 1.57" Magnetic Round Base MCHN-40

  • Awesome!

    by Kenny – 27th Jul 2016

    What can I say? Super strong - super cheap - super quality - super fast shipping! So in a word - SUPER!!

  • super strong

    by Kansas K9 – 23rd Jul 2016

    I use these for square tube hides for my bomb dog in training. They can be attached to vehicles and hold while my dog searches. Super strong unlike small magnets the dog can knock off the vehicle.

  • Perfect for mounting LED lights

    by Brent H – 25th May 2016

    I used one of each of these magents to mount LED flood lights to the roll bar on my tractor. The lights weigh 4 lbs each. While weight is not the problem, its the vibration and rough riding of the tractor that caused the traditional magnets I was using to not hold the lights. Switching over to these has solved this problem. I have to use two hands just to slide the magnets once they make contact. The lights do not budge even when I hit the hardest bumps. Mounting with magnets allows me to position the lights in any direction I want. I highly recommend these. My next project is using them to mount golf cart mirrors to the loader on the tractor.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 10th Aug 2015

    We bought the magnets to secure GPS trackers. The magnets are super strong. I have never lost a tracker. I once lost a set of magnets because when I went to pull my tracker off a vehicle, the magnets were so strong, they stayed on the vehicle. Definitely recommend !!