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1 Liter Magnetic Ferrofluid for Fun! 400 Gauss

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This listing includes one liter of ferro-fluid for educational purposes. it is rated as 400 Gauss.

What is Ferrofluid?

In short, it is a liquid that responds to magnets and magnetic fields. The longer answer is ferrofluid is an extremely fine powder, coated with a soap-like material called a surfactant, suspended in a mineral oil liquid base. The resulting magnetic suspension is called a ferrofluid.

When no magnetic field is present, ferrofluid behaves and flows like a normal liquid. However, when a magnet or magnetic field is introduced, the ferrofluid is attracted to the field. Spikes then form along the magnetic field lines when the magnetic surface force exceeds the stabilizing effects of fluid weight and surface tension.

Note: The thumbnail picture is an example of what can be created with ferrofluid. If you create an interesting design, please take a picture and send it to us. If we use your submission we will send you a free gift!


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